Our Mission

We ensure that individuals with disabilities’ choices and preferences are respected. ¬†Persons served will have maximum opportunities for full participation in all aspects of life in the community, and will be provided services that will assist and support them in becoming true members of the community in which they reside.

Our Philosophy

We are strongly guided by the belief that individuals with disabilities also deserve a good quality of life like everyone else, they deserve the right to live life according to their preferences. Our agency’s task to ensure that individuals served are safely guided and supported while they make their own choices to achieve enriched and fulfilling lives with dignity and respect.

Our Values

We affirm the worth, capacity, and contributions of all people and treat everyone with dignity and respect. We promote self-advocacy and advocate for full human rights and participation in the community. We offer education and support to make informed choices. We value working together using our diverse talents and experiences to support individuals in leading a self-directed and full life.

Our Services include:
  • Respite care (2P)
  • Nursing Services (2M)
  • Supported Living (2R)
  • Community Develop Services (2H)
  • Residential Group Home Services
  • Personal Supports (PO)

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